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Welcome to The House of Puma Web Page.
This Web site features a variety of Brasillian manufactured sports cars.

For the time being, pictures you will find here are borrowed from other web sites located all over the world. Some pictures will be updated as I find time to process and upload some of my own vehicles, while they are still available. (I may be selling some soon!

I plan to have general tips for Puma car care that I've gathered from research and from experience in dealing with these fine rides. If you have any pictures of your own Puma and would like to post them here, feel free to e-mail them to the link provided in this site.

I am also available for technical questions you may have while working on your own cars. Feel free to call me at 281-251-3477 with any questions or facts you may have to share with the rest of the Puma owners abound.

My Cars
Because cars in general are hobbies of mine, I constantly buy, fix, and sell mine with future plans of using this site to advertise mine and others' for free. I also buy Pumas (for those of you who have lost interest in your cars).

Locating services has become a hobbie of mine for those of you ready to hop into a dream car. See the information on the Contact page, if interested.

I currently have several Puma convertibles and coupes in various states of restoration or disrepair and plan on having a couple convertibles restored and ready for sale by years end.

Restoring Classic Ford and Chevy Trucks is another obsession of mine. I have a 1957 Ford F100 and 1954 Chevy deluxe cab on a 4X4 chassis that are for sale. These trucks are serious projects requiring substantial ground up restorations. I will be adding their pictures to the site as time permits. If interested, see my Contact Page.

Send me an e-mail


Door Man of
The House of Puma

Me and my 1984 GTC Convertible.

More Pictures...
I will have all kinds of automotive photo galleries--I'm sure your dream car will be there. Keep checking back!